One of the 5 ways teams can raise funds is to solicit sponsors.  Sponsors, are donors who expect to get something in return for their donation.  In many instances, donors are paying to access your community to help with their branding and marketing.  Thus, sponsors are primary focused paying for exposure with all of the various groups of people an FRC team might come in contact with. Students, parents, teachers, school officials, community members and other organizations are just a few of the groups an FRC team may have exposure to.


The first step in soliciting sponsorship is to understand what yo have to offer a potential sponsor.  You need to break down all of the ways your team can create value for a potential sponsor.  Some of the easy ways are the counting the number of students, number of parents and number of web visitors you team has.  These can be grouped to create an estimate of the number of impressions a potential sponsor might have if they bought a sponsorship.

For example if you have 50 kids and 90 parents and put a sponsors logo on your team t-shirt, you might be able to communicate to the sponsor that they will receive 200 teen and 360 adult impression a year.  Add that logo to the front page of your team’s web page that gets 1,000 unique visitors a year and you could communicate at least 1,500 impressions a year to a potential sponsor.

Check out our media impact page for another example


The next step is to create tiers of influence that that correlate to increased sponsorship levels the team would be interested in.  The reason you create tiers is that people like choice and to communicate exclusivity for the higher tiers.

Check out our sponsorship levels as an example


Last step, sell your sponsorship.  Contact every organization you can think of that may want to talk to the groups your team has exposure to.  Communicate the value that the organization would get by sponsoring your team.  We recommend that you tailor each interaction to the best of your ability so that the person you speak with has as little possible work to do to sell the potential sponsorship to their organization.


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