One of the 5 ways teams can raise funds is to apply for and be awarded grants.  This is one of the hardest ways for team’s to raise money since you are entering a competition for the funds and the team needs to be skilled at writing grant applications.


  1. To start with, teams need to understand who they are and who controls you money.  Is the team an extension of a public school, a private school, a church, a 501C3, etc..  How your team is set up matters and needs to be well understood before you apply for a grant.  This is because some grants are only open to certain types of organizations and not others.
  2. The next thing the team needs to do is figure out what they need the money for.  Some grants are available for programs and not capital expenses, while other may only be available to help 501C3’s with administrative costs.  This in important, because what you plan to do with the money has to align to what the granting organization wants to spend money on.
  3. The next step is to search for possible grants. There are many tools available to teams to search for grants that they would be eligible to apply for.  Below are some laces team’s can search for possible grants.
    1. FRC grants page
    2. STEM grant searches (example 1)
    3. Grant searches by state (example 1)
  4. Next, you need to read the grant in detail so that you understand all of the things the grant requires.  Pay special attention to the due date.
    1. Some grants require you to reach out to the organization providing the grant before you apply, be sure to do that.
  5. Next you write everything up and turn it in early
    1. We recommend you keep a copy of each grant application somewhere to re-use for other grants and for future year’s reference


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