Pneumatics is using air to push/pull things or suck them up. The pistons and tubing are light and powerful, lighter than equivalent motors, however, the compressor is itself a motor and is heavy. Once the big decision to add the compressor is made, adding extra pistons is much easier and lighter than adding extra motors (and gearing). The pneumatics system is one of the most efficient systems on an FRC robot with an extremely high power to weight ratio. The pneumatic system contains both air powered and electrically powered components.  For a more detailed introduction please check out some of the references below.


In addition to putting pneumatics on your robot you can also create an off robot pneumatics quick charge pack.  Here are some designs for the quick charge pack.

offboard compressor 1

One other critical thing to consider when working with pneumatics is leakage.  We recomend the following to prevent leaks.