Pit and Transportation

At every event teams are given a space of their own where they and their robot live, this space is called the pit.  Like NASCAR, the pit is used to brand the team, repair the team’s vehicle, house the team’s tools, house the team’s spare parts and in the team’s home away from home for the event. The following page includes lots of details concerning pit space at the venue, how a pit should function, critical pit items, pit mobility, pit transportability, pit design tips and how a pit can be used to spread the team’s brand.


Pit Space at the Venue

A team’s pit can range in size from 9′ x 9′ x 9′ to 10′ x 10′ x 10′ depending on the venue and the pit layout the team chooses. Each team should design a pit that can fit within the smaller of the two cubes just in case the venue’s need to limit your space.  The pit should also be flexible enough to be able to expand to fit a larger space.  Their are five different pit space configurations that the team could be assigned.

pit space


Teams should be able to accommodate all 5 different spaces with their pit, however if you have to pick just two, we recommend that you pit will work for 1 and 2 open sides as these are the most common pit spaces will encounter.


Pit Functionality

Pits have many functions and and teams should be aware of all of them as they sit down to design their pit.

  1. Robot system check
  2. Robot repair
  3. Charging batteries
  4. Housing spares
  5. Bumper storage
  6. Part fabrication
  7. Tool storage
  8. Material storage
  9. Demonstrating safety
  10. Demonstrating cleanlyness
  11. Team branding
  12. Team marketing
  13. Educating judges