Tech Journal

Keeping and engineering journal during the build season is by no means a requirement, but we can’t stress how much a tech journal adds to the learning experience for the team and individual team members. Tech journals if they are stored in a central locations are a treasure trove of documentation that helps bridge data gaps in the team by piecing together information and anecdotal material. In the real world, all engineers and designers use their engineering notebooks every day to record new ideas, notes, drawings/sketches, prototypes, tests/trials, data, and every other aspect of the engineering process.

Taking pictures of the of your work for the week, noting how you went about completing your tasks, printing out drawings and pointing to successes and failures can help your team in the off season and in future seasons. This discipline of writing down these processes can carry over into sustainability plans, so you and the team has more chances to build more robots and inspire more people.

We recommend a nice leather bound notebooks that it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use for 12 months.

  • Makers Notebook – These are fantastic books with tons of reference material in the back.

Try to keep notes of at the end of every day. An tech journal makes you look good in the eyes of the competition judges. So if you are planning on getting an award, think about getting together a notebook!