7b2028789e05f9545c512ca8b631762aToday is the day that our team has been waiting for.  Today is the day we have been dreaming about. Today is the day we learn about the 2016 game and start our 6 week build season. Today is the day we take one step closer to competing on Einstein.  Today is the day we start to write history and change the way the world thinks about science and technology.


A few weeks ago a team from Space X did the impossible and landed a rocket back on earth.  The Space X team had tried to do the impossible twice before and failed, but the team never gave up, they kept trying and when, they succeeded, they celebrated making the impossible, possible.


In 2012 the NASA team was trying to do the impossible by landing a rover bigger than a car on mars. People all over the world thought that what they were trying to do was crazy. The moment that the Curiosity rover landed you knew that the hundreds of tests completed, thousands of hours spent, and billions of dollars invested to make the impossible happen had paid off.


This year our team is chasing the impossible this season and we are not going to give up.  We are going to dig deeper than we ever have and we are going to take inspiration from the great scientists around the world who made their impossible ideas real.  We are going to learn how to be the next generation of people who make impossible happen. We are going to make it to Einstein.

Get psyched.

Get ready!









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