Goals for the 2015-16 Season

The team met over the weekend to discuss a whole bunch of topics.  We started off talking about our last event and season.

– Improved ramp
– Judge communication
– Talking with other teams
– Alliance captain
– Reliability
– Awards
– Strategy
– Drive practice
– Simple design

– Assigning jobs
– Field elements
– Attendance
– Need more programmers
– Organization in the lab
– Faster signup

Things to do Differently
– Better wiring
– Checking computers
– Dedicated drive computer
– Scouting modifications
– Attend competitions before hand
– More “goofiness”
– Coach and scouting communication
– Version control for software
– Walkie talkies
– Scouting app
– Better part ordering
– Use cafeteria
– CAD early
– Prototyping
– Share CAD
– Team agenda for meetings
– More engagement
– Integrate outsiders
– Off season projects
– Safety tests
– Fundraising
– Understanding drive trains
– Mock build seasons


The team also talked about the changes coming next season; districts and the last CMP.  The team is not a big fan of the last CMP thing.  The teams also talked about off season events and has decided to try and attend at least 2; Battle O Baltimore (MD) September $200 and Girl Power (PA) October $0.  The team also discussed the goals for next season…
– Lab organization
– Win regional and go to worlds!
– Team 1/4 girls
– Finish robot earlier in build season
– Score autonomous points
– Fundraising more
– Outreach
– 2-4k for last season’s cost
– Hold mock build seasons this summer and fall

Since these goals are a big step up for this team the students have been asked to put together a plan for how they expect to achieve them. The team will meet again on the 15th to review and agree on that plan.

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