Giving Tuesday

Today is giving Tuesday. It’s a day that reminds people to give back to their community for everything their community has given them. The Walt Whitman Robotics Club encourages you to consider donating to a robotics program near you. We know these programs change lives and communities by increasing graduation rates. We know these programs also change the world by encouraging more children to grow up and become researchers, scientist and engineers.

You can help your local robotics program in a variety of ways

  • Donate space – Robotics programs often are need of space to build and work since most schools have eliminated the shop room and class
  • Donate materials – Robotics programs use a lot of consumable materials each season as they use trial and error to learn the basics of STEM
  • Donate tools – Robotics programs require students to learn how to make things, tools are critical to that learning and are often in short supply
  • Donate services – Robotics programs need help doing a lot of things that are not robot related; making graphics, making travel cases, branding, making promotional materials, fund raising and managing their finances are just a few of the ways you’re in kind donation could help a team
  • Donate time – Robotics programs rely on volunteers to teach and guide students. Your donation of time is the most valuable way you can help a local program impact more students
  • Donate money – Robotics programs can cost between $200 and $30,000 a year depending on the type of competitions the program participates in so every little bit helps
  • Help spread the word – Robotics programs are always looking to engage community members in conversations around STEM and would love to come out and do a demo for your company


You can use this handy little tool to find a program near you, or you can contact us at to help you find a program to donate to.


As with all things, you need to be the change you want to see, so start making the changes you want to see.


Happy holidays from FRC Team 1389 The Body Electric


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