Getting Ready for our Design Review this Saturday

We have at least 2 working prototypes of every primary and secondary system.  We have one last day to do crazy prototypes and then its decision time.  We will be meeting Saturday to go through all of the prototypes and research people have been doing.  The outcome of Saturday’s meeting will be the lockdown of our priorities, lock down of mechanical solutions and the agreement on a preliminary configurations.  From there the team will split into three parts.  Folks that will go heavy into CAD, folks that will continue to prototype and folks that will stat building.

We have our first two order days coming up next week and should be nearly 90% ordered by Friday.

As a bonus this year, because we had some extra help from the stage crew and we plan on being a gear team, we are building an airship.  Our airship will be complete with ropes and working gear pegs.  This will give our human play a lot more practice time than we were hoping to get.  This will also give our drive team more realistic practice.

And as a bonus, we had some alumni stop buy last night during the team dinner.  Sounds like they are having a lot of fun and miss robotics.

Here are some of photos from the night.

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