Game Design

Prior to kickoff this year the Whitman folks have started looking back at all of the past FIRST and VEX games to see what we can learn from the past.  Here are all of the games we studied.

1992 Maize Craze
1993 Rug Rage
1994 Tower Power
1995 Ramp ‘n Roll
1996 Hexagon Havoc
1997 Toroid Terror
1998 Ladder Logic
1999 Double Trouble
2000 Co-Opertition FIRST First Contact
2001 Diabolical Dynamics Volcanic Panic
2002 Zone Zeal Arctic Impact
2003 Stack Attack City Sights
2004 Raising the Bar Mission Mars
2005 Triple Play No Limits
2006 Aim High Half-Pipe Hustle Ocean Odyssey
2007 Rack ‘n Roll Hangin’-A-Round Nano Quest
2008 FIRST Overdrive Quad Quandary Power Puzzle Bridge Battle
2009 Lunacy Face Off Climate Connections Elevation
2010 Breakaway Hot Shot! Smart Move Clean Sweep
2011 Logomotion Get Over It! Body Forward Round Up
2012 Rebound Rumble Bowled Over! Food Factor Gateway
2013 Ultimate Ascent Ring It Up! Senior Solutions Sack Attack
2014 Aerial Assist Block Party! Nature’s Fury Toss Up Add It Up
2015 Recycle Rush Cascade Effect World Class – Learning Unleashed Skyrise Highrise
2016 Stronghold FIRST RES-Q Trash Trek Nothing But Net Bank Shot


Here are some additional resources we looked at for game design

These are our findings when we look across all of the games

  • Games avoid
    • Getting your robot to far off the ground
    • Projectiles that are pointy or hard
    • Games with choke strategies or that have the ability to be dominated by a lone team
    • High speed robots
    • Metal to metal contact
    • Game play that exceeds actions greater than 10ft from the ground
  • Games encourage
    • Tasks that need more than one robot to accomplish
    • Humans and robots to work together
    • High precision tasks (+ or – 3″)
    • Use of computer vision
    • Phases of game play
    • Games that allow 3 capability levels of robots to be useful at most completions
    • Use of automation
    • Robot configurations that are able to fit through doors and into cars
    • The ability of teams to use starvation as a tactic

We also made a new history of FRC video

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