Fall Build Projects Are In Full Swing

FIRST Steamworks comes out January 7, 2017. Until then, the team decided to design our own FRC-style game to train new members and keep us busy until January. Here’s what we came up with.



Our game (yet to be named), is played on a scaled down field (~20×20′) by two FTC-sized robots. It recycles game elements from previous years, as well as incorporates wholly new gameplay. On one end of the field are two colored goals, red and blue, as well as a single high goal resembling the one from Aerial Assist. The two colored low goals each are covered by a freely swinging hinged door, opening outward onto the field. In the center of the field are static defenses from 2016’s Stronghold, as well as a narrow gap (~14″) between two of these defenses. Behind the wall of obstacles is a ball feeding area, where human players introduce a 6″ diameter foam ball onto the field. Much like stronghold, robots can only possess one ball at a time and must cross over the defenses each time to retrieve a new ball.


Robots can score points in the following ways:

  • Scoring a ball into their team’s low goal.
  • Opening the door in front of their own low goal for the first time.
  • Closing the opposing team’s low goal door. (They must be careful, however. If they are tagged by an opposing robot while in the process of closing the door, a penalty is incurred on them).
  • Scoring a high goal.


The game should hopefully get new members acquainted with FIRST in a low-stress, scaled down build season, and present engineering challenges new and old. On our kick-off day this past week, we introduced new members to the game and split them up into three teams for the fall. We hope to hold a tournament event for the three teams this December, and invite members of the community to come watch.





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