Detailed CAD is In Work

Our CAD team has been busy since Saturday afternoon when we finalized the design requirements.

We also made our first big purchase last night and should be able to start assembly of the drive train later his week. We are also going t be doing a lot of detailed prototyping to figure out exactly how our systems need to be designed to hit the cycle time numbers we are looking for.  On the down side, this is only a 3 day week for us since we have MLK day on Monday and inauguration day on Friday.  Next year we need to lobby school admins for no holidays during build season.

3 comments on “Detailed CAD is In Work

  1. I am from FRC team 3175 Knight Vision from University Liggett School in Michigan. We decided to make a octacanum drivetrain with Vex Versadrop. I saw your teams threads on Chief Delphi, it was really interesting. In the process of making the drivetrain, I am unsure whether the Versadrop will actually work. Because when no pnuematic pressure is applied to the module, both the mecanum and the traction wheels will be touching the ground. The piston can only push the spacer down, lowering the mecanum wheel. I am wondering if your team attached the piston to the spacer to lift and lower the module. If you could share any ideas or explain how this issue can be fixed, please tell me know when you are available. Thank you so much.

    • We are going to try and see how it drives today with the dragging mecannum. If it impacts the drive train, we are going to put a spring under the piston to hold the wheel up.

    • The results are in, our drivetrain is assembled and tested, and the mecanums have no effect on the movement of the drivetrain when it is in tank mode. So we did not need to add any kind of spacer/spring like we had originally planned. Goold luck!

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