Design Review Day is Here

Today we are going to review everything we learned this past week and make some big decisions.  Today is critical because it will lock in the robot design requirements and give our cad teams the green light to start detail design.  This is also the last time that all of the students will have the ability to impact the robot over all.  Next week, each student will be assigned to a detailed prototyping team whose goals are validate CAD.   Last yea we were snowed out of week 2 and part of week 3 and did not have a chance to do these detailed prototypes.  The lack of validation data definitely hurt us, as out first robot design had some major issues that were only discovered on the final robot.  These week 2 detailed prototypes will be key, if we want to be successful this season.

Some of the questions we have to answer,

  • Do we have any priority changes, will we add, remove or shift any of the below items
    • Primary – Climb rope to the top in 10 seconds from touching the rope and stay at top past buzzer
    • Primary – Pick up gears from feeder station and drop them off at the peg with a max of 20 seconds per cycle
    • Primary – Be able to drive nearly 20ft per second and highly maneuverable
    • Secondary – Pick up balls from the floor
    • Secondary – Store 20 balls or more on the robot
    • Secondary – Deposit 20 balls in the low goal in less that 3 seconds
    • Tertiary – Pick up gears from the ground
    • Tertiary – Shoot 20 balls in the high goal in 5 seconds with 50% accuracy
  • How will we climb
  • How will we receive gears from driver station
  • How will we store gears
  • How will we deploy gears
  • What drive train will we use
  • What configuration will we use A or B
    • A. 36 in. by 40 in. by 24 in. tall (~91 cm by 101 cm by 60 cm tall).
    • B. 30 in. by 32 in. by 36 in. tall (~76 cm by 81 cm by 91 cm tall).
  • How will we pick up balls
  • How will we move balls
  • How will we store balls
  • How will we deploy balls

Once all of questions are answers its on to the decisions.

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