Deja vu…We are ranked 7th again at the end of Friday

WHAM!!! what a great day. Lots of cheering, scoring and testing.  The team’s rank may be the same but our average is nearly 10 pts higher ans is sitting at 71.28.  It would have been higher but we tried playing with our arm for the first three matches yesterday with mixed results, so the drive team decided to pull it.

We also received some great compliments today from other teams who talked about our simplicity, effectiveness and overall team improvement from last year.”You don’t even look like the same team” we were told during a conversation about top team’s in the area. Definitely helped boost our spirits.

The team also had a few interviews for our dean’s list candidates and in a strange fluke, it looks like our chairman’s submission last weekend never took, so we were able to try it again this week.

Big thanks to the VIP’s that stopped by our pit today: George Leventhal, Montgomery County Council President and Darryll Pines, the Dean of the University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering.

We have already started talking elimination’s alliance partners and some serious cheesecaking.  It will be off to home depot this morning for sure, good luck to everyone competing this weekend.

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