DC Regional practice day

Best practice day ever!

We were inspected in the morning, we made the 2nd practice match. we did 8 practice matches, and we made some robot modifications.  The team had a scouting meeting last night and we felt that if we could average 60pts a match by ourselves that we were in good shape for this regional. Our highest average match score from practice was 58 point. We scored all of those points for that match.


We also did our first Safety inspection and had our first safety manual. Thanks to the safety judges for showing us how we could improve.

The team feels good, we are ready for our second Chairman’s presentation ever!! We are also going to work on getting the robot ready for 20 pt auton. Yesterday the team was to focused on practice matches and we did not let our coders near the bot. Let’s see how much time we can get them today.


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