This Saturday the team is having a robot party

Parents, volunteers, sponsors, community members, school leaders and students come out this Saturday at 6pm to our team’s end of the year banquet. Please email us for location


Also, our students will be meeting from 2-5 pm at the robotics room to plan out the next season.  If you want to be on the leadership team or want a say in what the team is going to do next season you should probably show up.

Goals for the 2015-16 Season

The team met over the weekend to discuss a whole bunch of topics.  We started off talking about our last event and season.

– Improved ramp
– Judge communication
– Talking with other teams
– Alliance captain
– Reliability
– Awards
– Strategy
– Drive practice
– Simple design

– Assigning jobs
– Field elements
– Attendance
– Need more programmers
– Organization in the lab
– Faster signup

Things to do Differently
– Better wiring
– Checking computers
– Dedicated drive computer
– Scouting modifications
– Attend competitions before hand
– More “goofiness”
– Coach and scouting communication
– Version control for software
– Walkie talkies
– Scouting app
– Better part ordering
– Use cafeteria
– CAD early
– Prototyping
– Share CAD
– Team agenda for meetings
– More engagement
– Integrate outsiders
– Off season projects
– Safety tests
– Fundraising
– Understanding drive trains
– Mock build seasons


The team also talked about the changes coming next season; districts and the last CMP.  The team is not a big fan of the last CMP thing.  The teams also talked about off season events and has decided to try and attend at least 2; Battle O Baltimore (MD) September $200 and Girl Power (PA) October $0.  The team also discussed the goals for next season…
– Lab organization
– Win regional and go to worlds!
– Team 1/4 girls
– Finish robot earlier in build season
– Score autonomous points
– Fundraising more
– Outreach
– 2-4k for last season’s cost
– Hold mock build seasons this summer and fall

Since these goals are a big step up for this team the students have been asked to put together a plan for how they expect to achieve them. The team will meet again on the 15th to review and agree on that plan.