CAD Team First 2 Weeks in Review

2 weeks and 3 days into build season, the robot’s design is locked in and parts are being ordered. This year, the CAD (Computer Aided Design) team switched from CATIA to Autodesk Inventor. Inventor is free to all college and high-school students, so that means anyone on the team can open up and tinker with the CAD and contribute to the design. For file management, we used GrabCAD, a free github-like CAD sharing site that keeps track of version, and allows multiple users to collaborate on a single project.

Week 1 (1/9 – 1/16): The CAD team worked on preparing concept models, based on some of the early strategy goals we identified during kickoff. Various methods of construction were explored, including using a hockey-stick extrusion system to make a shooting arm.

Week 1.5 (1/17-1/20) The CAD team worked on a complete, detailed drive train design so we could order all the drive train parts in advance and fabricate early. The team decided on a 6WD Pneumatic wheel drive, rear-driven by 3 CIM motors. This should give us significant pushing force over other robots and an estimated speed of 10ft/sec. This year’s game requires a balance of speed and pushing force, so we went with a 60:14 gear ratio.

Week 1.75 (1/21-1/24) The CAD team worked on finishing the rest of the completed design, in time for a google-hangouts design review on Saturday, where we locked in the design and went over some fine details. Since we were snowed in all week, the team relied heavily on these conference calls to discuss our design and make a plan for the rest of the build season.

Week 2 (1/24-1/26) The CAD team and the ordering team created a Bill of Materials for our 2016 robot, and ordered all the necessary parts from AndyMark, Vex, and McMaster Carr. Over the next few days, the CAD and Fabrication teams will work on creating drawings and assembly instructions for every component on the robot. concept1jjconcept1concept0 hockeyconcept Render2

Here are some more images

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