Building a master list of all of the robotics teams / programs in MD

Walt Whitman is working on building a list of all of the robotics teams / programs in Maryland.  We are trying build this list so as to enable student impact conversations with county and state officials for upcoming advocacy efforts.   This list is not limited to FIRST teams, so if you have VEX, VEX IQ, MATE, seaperch.  We are also including programs that do not have teams at schools, not at schools, at summer camps, at private schools and in after school programs.  So….If you are doing anything with robotics in MD we want to know about it.  Please email us with your details and we will get it added to our list.  Or add your details on your own

If you are interested in getting involved in our upcoming advocacy effort please reach out to us via email The more folks we get involved, the more of an impact we will have.


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