Big Day Yesterday

Speaking of Walt Whitman, we were able to present our amazing Principal Dr. Goodwin with our two Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi.  We earned one, at each of our two district events.

IMG_1352 IMG_1350

Thanks to all of the people within the Walt Whitman Community who helped us make this year’s team a success.; Janitors, security, building maintenance, teachers, principals, alumni, the sports boosters and the Walt Whitman High School Foundation.  All of your collective effort made this year possible and we can’t thank you enough.  Please know that we appreciate your time and efforts more than you know and that it is lifting our team’s potential with every moment you take to step in and join us in pursuing our dreams.


Last night we also finished our crate at 10:30 pm.  From start to finish 6 hours to build, not to bad for our first crate.  Thanks to Walt Whitman High School for letting us stay late to get that finished.



Double bonus, it looks like all of the planning and logistics prep for World Championships is nearly complete. We have found two great bus mates; FRC Team 1712 and FRC Team 4242,  have locked in our hotels and travel itineraries, and figured out all of our extra curriculars. It also looks like we have all of our spares ordered, our lifter arm is coming along nicely. The lifter arm should be ready to test on Saturday, fingers crossed.  We are ready for what ever next week brings and can’ wait to find out what we are going to learn.



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