Are You Ready for the Rumble in the Roads Rule Changes

This weekend the team is traveling to Newport News Virginia to compete in the FRC off season event Rumble in the Roads.  To make the event more fund they have changed a few rules.  I would get to know them so that you know how to change our strategy accordingly.

All Recycle Rush rules apply, with the exception of the rule modifications given below:

  • Autonomous
    • Action Value
      • ROBOT fully contained by Auto Zone 2 points each
      • TOTE fully contained by Auto Zone 2 points each
      • CONTAINER fully contained by Auto Zone 3 points each
      • STACKED TOTE SET 20 points
        • Set requirements have been removed from autonomous scoring.
  • Teleop
    • During TELEOP, YELLOW TOTES may be scored the same as GRAY TOTES.
  • G24 ROBOTS may not cause TOTES, RECYCLING CONTAINERS, and/or LITTER to completely transfer from their side of the FIELD, or from the STEP, onto the opposite side of the FIELD.
    VIOLATION: FOUL for each GRAY TOTE, RECYCLING CONTAINER, or LITTER. If egregious or strategic, RED CARD and offending ROBOT will be DISABLED.

    • Intent: To remove the penalty for accidentally knocking over YELLOW TOTES while attempting COOP.
  • G33 LITTER may be introduced onto the FIELD only during TELEOP and only in the following ways:
    • A. through the LITTER CHUTE, or
    • B. over the ALLIANCE WALL.
      • Intent: To allow LITTER to be transferred to RECYCLING CONTAINERS over the wall throughout TELEOP.
  • G33b LITTER may not be transferred over the STEP until the last 30 seconds of TELEOP. VIOLATION: FOUL per LITTER.
    • Intent: To lessen the likelihood of LITTER interfering with scoring TOTES without removing the possibility of scoring UNPROCESSED LITTER points.
  • Playoffs
    • 5.4.4
      • Round 1: QF1 (A4 vs. A5), QF2 (A3 vs. A6), QF3 (A2 vs. A7), QF4 (A1 vs. A8)
      • Round 2: QF5 (A4 vs. A6), QF6 (A3 vs. A5), QF7 (A2 vs. A8), QF8 (A1 vs. A7)
      • Round 3: QF9 (A3 vs. A8), QF10 (A4 vs. A7), QF11 (A2 vs. A5), QF12 (A1 vs. A6)
    • Additional alliances will be added to the QF rounds if there are more than 24 teams at the event.

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