Are You Ready for Kickoff??

The team has grown to nearly 50 students and 13 of those are girls over the past year as we prepared to take our game to the next level.  We worked hard all fall partnering with new sponsors, adding new capability to the shop and learning.  Not only have we each sought to learn more about STEM, we each also sought to learn how to be the best team we could be.  We may not have been as prolific in our writing as we have been in the past, but we have far exceeded our expectations in the shop.  From new organizing shelves to better material management. We worked hard to engage new students and put together a curriculum that brought everyone up to speed on robot building.  We know thousands of teams and tens of thousands of students around the world have been doing the same and that today is the day where it all start to pay off.

We can’t wait to see what the new game Steam Works consists of and we can’t wait to see what everyone will build.  Good luck to everyone this season!!

Team 1389’s pre-season drivetrain design, which we hope to be using this season, can be found here:…iHfle_gK711X8p

Ohm is a Java companion library to WPILib. We designed it to take full advantage of Java 8’s functional programming capabilities. Ohm is built around functional interfaces specialized for robot input/output (we call them streams.)

These functional interfaces place a layer of abstraction between hardware (sensors/motors) and control.
Ohm provides a suite of features that utilize the hardware abstraction to make control algorithms versatile and simple to use. We hope this will make algorithms such as PID Control, Motion Profiling, and the Adaptive Pure Pursuit Controller ( Thanks 254!) more accessible to low experience teams.
Special thanks to Jared Russell from the Cheesy Poofs for helping us get everything up and running, and to all of team 254 for their inspiring code and control algorithms. You can see their original code here.

Ohm is far from complete, and we will continue to push out updates throughout the season. As a lowly group of high school students without a software mentor, we would love any feedback you have to offer us! We will stick around to respond and answer questions in this thread.

Enjoy Ohm!

Here is a link to the github repository

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