And so it begins


On Friday night the team had its end of the year dinner.  Many thank yous were said along with some parting words from our seniors.  Thank you again for all of the sponsors, parents, teachers, volunteers, school officials, former team members and community members for everything you did for us this summer.  All in all it was a great night that signaled the start of next season.


On Saturday the team hosted a special year-end Wii U/Melee tournament for high school students presented by Viking Smash in order to raise funds for next years Robotics season! Over 30 participants jammed their thumbs into controllers for a chance at the grand prize and bragging rights. We raised over $300 and only have $67,700 to go.

Wii U:
Project M:

Today the team started to do some organizing of the robotics room…One of the goals for next year is to stay organized for the entire season. So this is a big first step!!!  Let’s see how long it lasts.



And tomorrow the team will be showing off LIftzilla to the the Pyle middle school students.  This is the team’s first trip to the middle school this season. We will be starting to work with the local schools to start FTC and FLL teams over the next few years so that we can create a feeder system for robotic skills at the FRC high school level.

Will post more later in the week.

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