All high goals, all the time

That was the plan for the weekend, and we have learned a lot about our robot, our drive team and our code in the process.  Each match this weekend is allowing us to take one step closer to 4 high goals per match.  We are doing this to get as ready as possible for the district champs coming up in two weeks, where we will compete to earn a spot to St Louise.  So far this weekend we have made 13 high goals out of nearly 30 attempts.  This is not exactly the accuracy we are looking for yet, but we are going to make some changes tomorrow to improve that.

Because we are not pursuing a strategy that nets us the max ranking points per match, we not ranked as highly this event.  We are currently ranked 22nd and have 3 more matches in the morning.  The hope is that we get picked for eliminations and make it to the semi finals, so that we earn near 50 district points and finish in the top 10-15 in the district.


Here are the matches from day 1.

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