2015 – Recycle Rush

And the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition game is…RECYCLE RUSH!


Check out the Game Animation to learn more


Our 2015 Robot is named Liftzilla


  • Drivetrain Speed: 12 ft/sec
  • 6 wheel mullet drive using AndyMark 4″ Performance and Omni Wheels
  • 1 stage elevator, ground to max height in less than 2 seconds
  • 4 sided powered stack stabilizing
  • Acceleration control stack stabilizing
  • Rear load feeder ramp
  • Side container lift tabs
  • Lift location sensors
  • Navx field location capability

Robot Has demonstrated

  • The ability to build 1-5 tote stacks with CT
  • The ability to place 1-3 tote stacks with CT
  • The ability to pick up vertical Containers
  • The ability to place vertical containers on 3 stacks
  • The ability to do two 3 tote + container stacks in 2 min
  • Placing 3 totes on step
  • 4.5 second per tote loading
  • The ability to pick up horizontal Containers


The team Competed at the following events

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