4 Days left

A few steps forward, a few steps back and a few steps to the side.  Yesterday the team put the finishing structural and mechanical touches on the robot and finished up wiring.  And with that done the team turned the robot over to the coders.  However, the coders quickly realized two big flaws in the design, if the robot loses power or connection the arm falls and crushes the electronics or leaves the 15″ frame perimeter boundary.   So now we need to add one more system to our robot by Tuesday, a way to break and hold the arm that works regardless of the robot being powered.

The scouts had a pretty interesting day watching all of the week 0 events going on.  They were hard at work trying to learn how the game is going to be played.  So far it looks like lots of breaching and low goal shots.

Our awards team took a break from working on awards to go help Maryland FIRST get George Town Prep ready for the Maryland State FTC tournament.  We will be demoing FRC there for most of the day tomorrow.

Our mechanical team is starting to switch gears to the alpha arm by doing some more prototyping.  They need to increase range, reduce weight and ad the ability to lift the robot. Totally doable in 3 weeks.

Here is what the team has left to do;

  • Drive train – done
  • Bumpers – done
    • Red – done
    • Blue – done
  • Electrical board – done
  • Turret arm prototype – done
  • Turret arm – done
  • Turntable – done
  • Shooter – done
  • Vision – started
  • Main code – started
  • Strategy – done
  • Scouting system – started
  • Awards – started
    • Chairman’s – done
    • Wood Flowers – done
    • Entrepreneurship – done
    • Dean’s – done
    • Chairman’s video – started
    • Media award – started
  • Competition documents started
    • Tech Journal started
    • Judges Packet started
    • 1 sheeter started
    • Safety Binder started
    • Pit Video started
    • Chairman’s presentation started
    • Bill of Materials – not started
  • Pre-competition scouting – started
  • Inviting local leaders to events – done
  • Bellypan – done
  • Pre season scouting and risk survey – started
  • Reveal video started
  • Climber – not started
  • Defensive Cheescake – not started
  • Wiring installation – done
  • Driver Selection done
  • Team Standard – started
  • T-shirt – started
  • Battery cart refurbish – not started
  • Refurbish battery leads started
  • Refurbish robot cart – not started
  • Paint Pit – not started
  • Alpha turret and arm – not started

Looking forward to this entire list being green soon!!  Here are some photos from yesterday.


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