3 Days Left

We scored our First High Goal today with all of the systems functioning!!!!  With all of the setbacks this season seeing, getting to see the whole robot working with less than 72 hours left in our 2016 build season was amazing.  The excitement was palpable and well worth the wait.  But….. This season there is always a but.  But, we soon broke our arm again so we were limited in the amount of shooting we could do.  From the shooting we were able to practice, looks like we are close to consistent shooting from the sweet spot.   If we get 5-10 more feet out of the alpha arm we will be just fine.   We also ran into an issue with the turret skipping teeth and messing up the encoder.  So we may move the encoder for that or change how we rotate the arm the alpha arm.

Check out who stopped by today to see how we were progression; Don Bossi (FIRST President) and Bill Duncan (executive Director of STEM Action).  From the sound of it Don will be back down here in three weeks to speak at the Walt Whitman District event being held March 11-13.  Thanks for all of the effort the two of you put into FIRST!!!



On top of that we had over 50 parents and students stop by and ask us questions about FIRST, FRC, robotics and STEM programs available in Montgomery County.  It was a lot of fun watching the faces of all of the kids watching our robot try and sometimes fail as we were getting our arm code tested.

Thanks to STEM Action and Maryland FIRST for letting us stop by the Maryland FTC State Championship and practice today.

Here is what the team has left to do;

  • Drive train – done
  • Bumpers – done
    • Red – done
    • Blue – done
  • Electrical board – done
  • Turret arm prototype – done
  • Turret arm – done
  • Turntable – done
  • Shooter – done
  • Vision – started
  • Main code – started
  • Strategy – done
  • Scouting system – started
  • Awards – started
    • Chairman’s – done
    • Wood Flowers – done
    • Entrepreneurship – done
    • Dean’s – done
    • Chairman’s video – started
    • Media award – started
  • Competition documents started
    • Tech Journal started
    • Judges Packet started
    • 1 sheeter started
    • Safety Binder started
    • Pit Video started
    • Chairman’s presentation started
    • Bill of Materials – not started
  • Pre-competition scouting – started
  • Inviting local leaders to events – done
  • Bellypan – done
  • Pre season scouting and risk survey – started
  • Reveal video started
  • Climber – not started
  • Defensive Cheescake – not started
  • Wiring installation – done
  • Driver Selection done
  • Team Standard – started
  • T-shirt – started
  • Battery cart refurbish – not started
  • Refurbish battery leads started
  • Refurbish robot cart – not started
  • Paint Pit – not started
  • Alpha turret and arm – not started

Looking forward to this entire list being green soon!! Here are some photos from yesterday.


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