2nd place at Rumble in the Roads

What a great way to finish off the 2015 FRC season.  The team was 1 second away from winning our second FRC offseason event.  Take a look at the replay of finals match 3 at Rumble in the Roads to see for your self.


A big shout out goes to our alliance FRC team 1262 The Stags and FRC team 5546 A.R.T for doing most of the heavy lifting during eliminations.


Also a VERY BIG thank you to FRC 1620, Builders of Tomorrow, and Triple Helix Team 2363 for putting on a great event.

The team played 6 matches and was ranked 3rd after qualifications. We picked up two great team members thanks to our our scouting team and moved through the quarter finals in 4th place and the semi finals in 2nd place.  During the semi finals the team started to have an issue with one of our motor controllers and needed to do a pretty big repair in 6 minutes. The Pit team came through and the team was able to make it all the way to the last finals match.

Great effort everyone who attended… January 9th can’t come soon enough.

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