28 inches

28 is the length of our 2016 robot perimeter. Pro tip for rookie teams – NEVER design exactly to the maximums allowed in the rules for anything!! 28 inches  also happens to be the height of the ball as it leaves our bot. 28 inches inches is also the amount of snow that fell this weekend around us.  So… that means we will not be working in our shop for a few more days, since most of us still can’t see any roads.

On the bright side our awards team has been in high gear getting document drafts done. Our mentors are also getting into the mix and have started writing our submissions for Dean’s list.  Our media team is hard at work creating the team’s brand for the year and along with that comes some great t-shirt design concepts.

On a technical front, our design team is hard at work perfecting the CAD, and creating the bill of materials. The final edits to the CAD are being made today, so all of the parts shoudl be ordered by Wednesday, fingers crossed. Our electrical team has also been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the electrical diagram in partner with our code team who has listed all of the features of this year’s software.

We can’t wait to get back into the shop….

And maybe next year we make a fleet of these of the county so we can keep the school open during build season.


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