2 More Days

The team has been hard at work tweaking the robot this week. Fixing things to improve our efficiency at loading totes in.  The drive team and Code team have had their hands full getting the robot in working condition.  The team also made a big decision as it related to their secondary priorities.  The team will add intake arms but not an H0drive.  The time it would take o add an H-drive would have significantly reduced practice and code time.  We also had a visit from our chief robot inspector who was checking out the team’s intake mechanism.

This week the team also had two events; a Chipotle fundraiser and a lab open house. The team raised over $300 and had nearly 3 dozen visitors to the lab between those two events.

Also the team turned in its awards!!! Thanks to Samad for doing most of the lifting. We are very impressed by your dedication.


This up coming week the team will be practicing, practicing and practicing before we bag up the robot on tuesday at midnight.



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