2 days till our event in Edgewater Maryland

In 2 days the Walt Whitman Robotics Team goes on its first road trip of 2016, we hope its the first of three, but that depends on how well we do this weekend.  In any case, here is who we are going to see this weekend.

Team Number Team Name Location First event results
53 Area 53 Greenbelt, Maryland, USA Rank:32,  Ranking points:10,  Auto:174, Scale/challenge:85, Goals:46, Defense:465, win/loss/tie: 2-10-0
612 Chantilly Robotics Chantilly, Virginia, USA Rank:6,  Ranking points:26,  Auto:173, Scale/challenge:125, Goals:58, Defense:520, win/loss/tie: 9-3-0, OPR:24.53

Team Spirit Award sponsored by FCA Foundation

614 Night Hawks Alexandria, Virginia, USA Rank:27,  Ranking points:14,  Auto:94, Scale/challenge:65, Goals:44, Defense:415, win/loss/tie: 5-7-0

Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

623 Cougar Robotics Vienna, Virginia, USA Rank:4,  Ranking points:27,  Auto:66, Scale/challenge:145, Goals:50, Defense:480, win/loss/tie: 10-2-0, OPR:21.88

Quality Award sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation

686 Bovine Intervention Frederick, Maryland, USA Rank:7,  Ranking points:22,  Auto:189, Scale/challenge:95, Goals:84, Defense:465, win/loss/tie: 7-3-0, OPR:26.95

District Event Finalist
Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson
Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories

836 The RoboBees Leonardtown, Maryland, USA Rank:4,  Ranking points:24,  Auto:224, Scale/challenge:115, Goals:96, Defense:49, win/loss/tie: 7-2-1, OPR:35.94

District Event Winner
Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox

888 Robotiators Glenelg, Maryland, USA Rank:8,  Ranking points:23,  Auto:142, Scale/challenge:140, Goals:58, Defense:485, win/loss/tie: 7-5-0, OPR:22.36
1123 AIM Robotics Lorton, Virginia, USA Rank:21,  Ranking points:17,  Auto:160, Scale/challenge:95, Goals:17, Defense:395, win/loss/tie: 6-4-0
1137 Rocket Sauce Mathews, Virginia, USA Rank:5,  Ranking points:28,  Auto:208, Scale/challenge:125, Goals:72, Defense:570, win/loss/tie: 8-4-0
1389 The Body Electric Bethesda, Maryland, USA Rank:6,  Ranking points:23,  Auto:171, Scale/challenge:70, Goals:41, Defense:475, win/loss/tie: 7-2-1

Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi

1629 Garrett Coalition (GaCo) Accident, Maryland, USA Rank:5,  Ranking points:26,  Auto:188, Scale/challenge:125, Goals:95, Defense:565, win/loss/tie: 8-4-0, OPR:35.24

District Engineering Inspiration Award
District Event Finalist

1793 The Pilots Norfolk, Virginia, USA Rank:26,  Ranking points:14,  Auto:242, Scale/challenge:110, Goals:33, Defense:550, win/loss/tie: 4-8-0, OPR:24.48
1829 Carbonauts Onancock, Virginia, USA Rank:11,  Ranking points:24,  Auto:209, Scale/challenge:120, Goals:68, Defense:530, win/loss/tie: 7-4-0, OPR:22.86
1915 MTHS Firebird Robotics Washington, District of Columbia, USA Rank:27,  Ranking points:11,  Auto:130, Scale/challenge:65, Goals:32, Defense:350, win/loss/tie: 3-6-1
2199 Robo-Lions Eldersburg, Maryland, USA Rank:14,  Ranking points:16,  Auto:116, Scale/challenge:90, Goals:24, Defense:390, win/loss/tie: 6-4-0

District Engineering Inspiration Award

2377 C Company Pasadena, Maryland, USA Rank:24,  Ranking points:18,  Auto:138, Scale/challenge:115, Goals:66, Defense:495, win/loss/tie: 6-6-0

Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen

2421 RTR Team Robotics Springfield, Virginia, USA Rank:32,  Ranking points:9,  Auto:136, Scale/challenge:80, Goals:56, Defense:370, win/loss/tie: 3-8-1

District Event Winner

2528 RoboDoves Baltimore, Maryland, USA Rank:5,  Ranking points:27,  Auto:268, Scale/challenge:130, Goals:117, Defense:600, win/loss/tie: 8-3-1, OPR:25.58
2900 The Mighty Penguins Washington, District of Columbia, USA Rank:25,  Ranking points:12,  Auto:190, Scale/challenge:70, Goals:31, Defense:405, win/loss/tie: 4-5-1, OPR:21.89
2912 Panthers Washington, District of Columbia, USA
2961 Crimson Tide Engineers Washington, District of Columbia, USA missed first event
2963 AnaDroids Washington, District of Columbia, USA Rank:28,  Ranking points:11,  Auto:102, Scale/challenge:60, Goals:12, Defense:305, win/loss/tie: 3-3-1
2964 Robopanthers Washington, District of Columbia, USA Rank:39,  Ranking points:4,  Auto:86, Scale/challenge:35, Goals:12, Defense:255, win/loss/tie: 1-5-0
3389 RoboSpectrum Salisbury, Maryland, USA Rank:14,  Ranking points:21,  Auto:247, Scale/challenge:180, Goals:57, Defense:600, win/loss/tie: 6-6-0, OPR:29.42
3714 SOAR (Students of Applied Robotics) Springdale, MD, USA First event
3793 CyberTitans Frederick, Maryland, USA Rank:26,  Ranking points:12,  Auto:149, Scale/challenge:60, Goals:27, Defense:390, win/loss/tie: 4-6-0
3941 Absolute Zero Electricity (AZE) Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, USA Rank:25,  Ranking points:16,  Auto:174, Scale/challenge:115, Goals:64, Defense:555, win/loss/tie: 4-8-0
4067 The Incredible Hawk Clarksville, Maryland, USA Rank:23,  Ranking points:18,  Auto:168, Scale/challenge:105, Goals:41, Defense:515, win/loss/tie: 5-6-1
4137 Wilde Bunch Columbia, Maryland, USA Rank:31,  Ranking points:12,  Auto:200, Scale/challenge:105, Goals:6, Defense:505, win/loss/tie: 3-9-0
4505 McDonogh Eagle Robotics Owings Mills, Maryland, USA Rank:7,  Ranking points:26,  Auto:160, Scale/challenge:140, Goals:72, Defense:510, win/loss/tie: 9-3-0, OPR:30.13
4514 Calvert STEAM Works Huntingtown, Maryland, USA Rank:24,  Ranking points:13,  Auto:132, Scale/challenge:70, Goals:57, Defense:355, win/loss/tie: 4-6-0

District Event Finalist

4821 Team Vulcan Washington, District of Columbia, USA Rank:20,  Ranking points:14,  Auto:125, Scale/challenge:65, Goals:21, Defense:375, win/loss/tie: 5-5-0

District Event Winner

4949 Robo Panthers Riverdale, Maryland, USA Rank:33,  Ranking points:9,  Auto:85, Scale/challenge:40, Goals:25, Defense:255, win/loss/tie: 2-4-1
5106 High Impact Technologies Sunderland, Maryland, USA Rank:29,  Ranking points:12,  Auto:246, Scale/challenge:125, Goals:94, Defense:540, win/loss/tie: 3-9-0
5338 RoboLoCo Leesburg, Virginia, USA Rank:16,  Ranking points:19,  Auto:180, Scale/challenge:105, Goals:33, Defense:495, win/loss/tie: 7-5-0, OPR:23.50

District Event Finalist

5830 The Irrational Engineers Lanham, MD, USA Rank:35,  Ranking points:8,  Auto:92, Scale/challenge:60, Goals:8, Defense:295, win/loss/tie: 3-6-0

Rookie All Star Award

5936 TigerBots Hanover, MD, USA Rank:14,  Ranking points:23,  Auto:196, Scale/challenge:110, Goals:53, Defense:495, win/loss/tie: 7-4-0
5945 Hackground Fulton, MD, USA Rank:33,  Ranking points:8,  Auto:218, Scale/challenge:115, Goals:61, Defense:485, win/loss/tie: 2-10-0

Rookie Inspiration Award sponsored by National Instruments

5979 Apex Columbia, MD, USA Rank:18,  Ranking points:15,  Auto:108, Scale/challenge:70, Goals:24, Defense:295, win/loss/tie: 5-3-0

Highest Rookie Seed

6213 Team Quantum Bowie, Maryland, USA Rank:34,  Ranking points:8,  Auto:180, Scale/challenge:110, Goals:68, Defense:445, win/loss/tie: 2-9-0


Here is where we are status wise

  • Vision code – complete
  • Main code part 2 – complete
  • Strategy part 2 – complete
  • Scouting system part 2 – complete
  • Communication system part 2 – complete
  • Competition documents part 2 complete

    • Tech Journal part 2 – started
    • Judges Packet part 2 – started
    • 1 sheeter part 2 – started
    • Pit Video part 2 – started
    • Chairman’s presentation part 2 – started
    • Bill of Materials part 2started
  • Pre-competition scouting part 2 – complete
  • Pre season scouting and risk survey part 2 – started
  • Climber pushed to after second event
  • Defensive Cheescake – not started
  • Refurbish robot cart not started (lost new cart at competition, need to start again)
  • Paint Pit – pushed to after second event
  • Upgraded alpha turret and arm – complete
  • Fix bumpers – complete
  • Add camera mounts and two cameras – started
  • Identify parts we need to order – complete
  • Organize pit – complete
  • Score in auton code – started
  • integrate NavX – started

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