2 Days left till the District Event at Walt Whitman High School

We have an event at Walt Whitman High School in 2 days and it would be really awesome if you stopped by.


We opened the bag again last night and had a lot more success getting systems working.  We were able to test our new drive train code.

Our drive train code enables driving in two ways; tank drive without encoders, tank drive with encoders to allow the drive team to select the right driving style for the match or the tactic.

  • Tank drive without encoders takes the control input and sends a drive power number to the talon motor controllers.
  • Tank drive with encoders takes the control input combined with rotational count from the encoders on each side of the drive and sends the number of rotations the motor controller needs to complete per second to each motor controller. The control inputs may also specify a turn in which case the Roborio computes the wheel rotation ratio that the robot will need to complete the turn.

We also worked on the battery cart last night and continued to find issues with the bumper mounts.  We also found a spot in our bumper where the noodles had shifted and we need to go in and add more pool noodle.

pool noodle

We also had an admin meeting last night where we went over the final logistics for the event


  • All students pick up t-shirts
    • If you requested a name on it, bring your $5


  • all students meet at gym at 2:30 pm and start to help with event setup
  • at 7 pm the pit team will move the pit and the robot down.  They will need to get the robot inspected by 10:30.
  • safety glass students will need to get team’s to sign up for safety glass table duty
  • scout team will complete there pit scouting
  • setup will be done by 10:30 pm


  • all students arrive at front of school at 7:30 am
  • pits open at 8 am
  • student ambassadors will need to go get trained
  • pit team works on keeping the pit open
  • judging team works on talking to judges in pits
  • drive team preps for matches and goes to driver training
  • 10:30 am opening ceremonies
  • 11: qualification matches start
  • 8;00 pm end of event



  • all students arrive at front of school at 7:30 am
  • pits open at 8 am
  • 9 am qualification matches start
  • 1:30 pm alliance selection
  • 2:00 pm elliminations
  • 7:00 pm event ends and all students help clean up
  • 10:30 clean up finishes

Tell a friend to stop by. every student and parent should invite one non robotics person to stop by the event so that we get more people interested in robotics.


Here is what the team has left to do;

  • Drive train – done
  • Bumpers – done
    • Red – done
    • Blue – done
  • Electrical board – done
  • Turret arm prototype – done
  • Turret arm – done
  • Turntable – done
  • Shooter – done
  • Vision – pushed to after first event
  • Main code – started
  • Strategy – done
  • Scouting system – done
  • Awards – started
    • Chairman’s – done
    • Wood Flowers – done
    • Entrepreneurship – done
    • Dean’s – done
    • Chairman’s video – started
    • Media award – done
  • Competition documents started
    • Tech Journal started
    • Judges Packet – started
    • 1 sheeter – started
    • Safety Binder done
    • Pit Video done
    • Chairman’s presentation started
    • Bill of Materials – started
  • Pre-competition scouting – done
  • Inviting local leaders to events – done
  • Bellypan – done
  • Pre season scouting and risk survey – pushed to after first event
  • Reveal video done
  • Climber pushed to after first event
  • Defensive Cheescake – pushed to after first event
  • Wiring installation – done
  • Driver Selection done
  • Team Standard – started
  • T-shirt – done
  • Battery cart refurbish – started
  • Refurbish battery leads done
  • Refurbish robot cart pushed to after first event
  • Paint Pit – pushed to after first event
  • Alpha turret and arm – done
  • Mechanical stop to arm for starting – done
  • Shooting arm guides – done
  • Fix bumpers – started
  • Chavel de Fries mod – done
  • Add camera mounts and cameras – started

We added a new video of the intake in action

Here are some pics of the robot





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